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The total support of a POS terminal system construction for shops

Outline of CYBER Signage Free Edition

'CYBER Signage Free Edition' is just added to all cloud digital signage solution 'CYBER Signage' that has been highly appreciated by various contractors.
This is trial license to use your own terminal as digital signage.

It is same to past editions that materials such as Video, Flash, Image and Telop can used for signage contents and you can operate highquality digital signage.

【 The digest video of CYBER Signage operation 】

・On CYBER Signage Free Edition, advertisement such as logo is displayed on the screen of signage.
・You can deliver contents up to 10 terminal.
・This free edition license is worked on a different server that pay license is not worked on.
Specification of CYBER Signage Free Edition

◆Total number of contents:3
◆Number of area (per content):3
◆Total capacity:~50MB
◆Avairable materials:Video・Flash・Image ・Sound・Telop
◆Max number of user license:10 terminal
※Refer to ⇒here for more details.

Flow of CYBER Signage Free Edtion introduction

Just by installing the Cyber Signage application on your PC and registering for Cyber Signage account, Without monthly license fee, you can easily create and distribute various signage contents from your PC or Mac's browser.

Outline of preparation to introduce

1. The thing to prepare
 ①A PC that can be connected to the Internet. (for CYBER Signage ControlCenter operation)
 ②Signage player (Equipment to play contents)
 ③Monitor (In case of tablet, it is not necessary)
 ④Internet environment(Internet environment to deliver contents to signage player)

① A PC that can be connected to the Internet. (PC to create and deliver contents)

Windows-based PC

② Signage player
(Equipment to display signage)

Windows-based PC


Android Player

Android tablet

③ Monitor
(In case of tablet, it is not necessary)

TV / Monitor

Dedicated monitor for signage

④ Internet environment
(Internet environment to deliver contents to signage player)


Wired network


(Mobile virtual network operator)

2. Check the resolution of signage monitor.
※ EX.) In case of iPad mini- 1024X768pixel (XGA)

3.Check whether 'Google Play' that is download site provided by google is available if you want to use an android-based equipment(such as an Android tablet or an Android stick etc.) as signage player.

4. If the installation site of signage player is decided, take a note the istallation site.

Overview of the introduction procedure

On Operating PC On signage player equipment
1. Apply for an account of CYBER Signage.
You can apply for an account via "Application for account" button below.
After your application, account and serial key is informed by email.

  2. Install the player app to an equipment(signage player) used as digital signage.
In case of Windows version
 Install app from CYBER Signage Control Center.
In case of Android version for such as Android tablet or an Android stick.
 Install 'CYBER Signage for Android' from Google Play Store.
In case of iPad version
 Install 'CYBER Signage for iOS' from App Store.
* We will send you method to install an app by email.
  3. Register the serial key to your signage equipment.
Register your equipment as signage player with account or serial key.
4. Login to CYBER Signage Control Center.
Log in to CYBER Signage Control Center with the account.
5. Create contents.
Register materials and create contents with them.
6. Deliver contents to signage player.
Schedule with created contents and deliver them.
  7. Contents will displayed on sigange player.
(Sample of signage display) Advertising is displayed on the screen in Free Edition.

Operation of contents creating and delivering

You can create contents by easy step.
There is no limit to the combination of contents.
It is possible to transmit the information effectively.
It is possible to create the content of full-screen or multi-screen signage only with mouse operation.

Let's try the perfect cloud signage 'CYBER Signage'!