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The total support of a POS terminal system construction for shops

Basic principles
 Sofnetjapan Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Sofnetjapan) provides the optimal solution with the product service from the viewpoint of customers. Under the philosophy of respecting the personalities of individuals, Sofnetjapan fully recognizes that, proper handling of customer's personal information is societal responsibility. And Sofnetjapan protects customer's personal information and promise to respect it.

Privacy Policy
1. Sofnetjapan places chief officer to ensure appropriate control of personal information and ensures to Directors, Executives and all employees to comply strictly with the personal information protection management system that is conformed to "Requirements concerning protection of personal information (JIS Q 15001:2006)".
2. In case that Sofnetjapan obtains customer's personal information, we shall obtain the personal information to the extent necessary with informing the purpose of use, contact, the scope of provision.
Also, Sofnetjapan shall not provide and disclosure to a third party that does not obtain consent to a provision of personal information from customer.
And Sofnetjapan shall not handle personal information beyond the scope of necessary for achievement of the purpose of use of the personal information.
3. In case that Sofnetjapan entrusts the personal information to a third party, Sofnetjapan ensures to a third party to contract that they shall not leak the personal information and subcontract it.
4. Sofnetjapan establishes a contact for、receiving complaints and consultations and responds appropriately.
5. Sofnetjapan fully recognizes the risk for personal information handled, (leakage, loss and destruction of personal information), Sofnetjapan works best prevention and correction to prevent reliably and perform secure storage under strict management.
6. Sofnetjapan complies with the act concerning Personal Information and various rules such as "Personal Information Protection Law (Act No.57 of 2003)".
7. Sofnetjapan continually makes improvement with reviewing the personal information protection management system against our business environment at suitable times.
Date of enactment  October 04, 2005
Date of last revision  July 10, 2009
Sofnetjapan Co.,Ltd.
CEO Motoharu Oda

1. Company name
Sofnetjapan Co.,Ltd.
2. Chief Privacy Officer
Executive managing director
3. Purpose of use of personal information
Sofnetjapan uses personal information for purpose in the following cases with customer's consent.
ⅰ Personal information about customers and business partners
  • Information about products and service
  • Sales and provision of products and service
  • Sending a letter about seminars, exhibitions and events
  • Support of products and service
  • Support about contact
  • Provision of various membership service
  • Development of products
  • Questionnaire and analysis
  • Performance of a contract
  • Interview, meeting and contact
  • Entering and leaving management of our facilities
Note – Sometimes Sofnetjapan will provide personal information to our affiliate companies, business partners and suppliers to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use above.

ⅱ Personal information provided from entrustment company on a contracted business
  • Performance of a contract against entrustment company
ⅲ Personal information about applicant for the job
  • Transmission of employment information and screening
  • Management of our recruitment
4. About providing personal information to third party
  1. Use for outsourcing
    Sofnetjapan may entrust and provide the personal information to the extent necessary for the above purpose.
  2. Use based on the laws and regulations
    Sofnetjapan may provide the personal information based on the laws and regulations if the official agency such as a law court or a police agency requests us to disclose the personal information.
5. Complaints and contacts about personal information
Contact about the personal information ⇒ Contact form