The total produce to production, setting and management for the public Internet terminal and the rental PC
The total support of a POS terminal system construction for shops

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timely and effectively

In late years, there is an electoronic signboard -digital signage-
in any places of a town, store and the store's interior.
We appeal to someone with huge screen and can explain a precise article
with sounds and clear images.
I attract attention as a new medium for the paper more and more.
CYBER Signage will realize a high-quality digital signage.

The digital signage will be in here.

◇Announcements of campain and item description with a video
CYBER signage is a support tool that make custmers to buy goods.
Full high vision expresses an image of the material more realistically.

◇Announcements of establishment, putting up informations and schedules, etc.
Let's gather plural information in the space for one piece of poster.
If you utilize space effectively and reduce the stress of the waiting time, the satisfaction of the customer rises and leads to the improvement of the company's image.

CYBER Signage

1.It is possible to respond flexibly to targets changing one after another.
2.The proper content can be transmitted timely.

Anytime, anywhere, anyone

You can start the CYBER Signage only with your personal computer, display and Internet environment.
These operation and maintenance control have no place, no time, no machine.

Your image just becomes the form.

The dedicated server, the special application and the machine setting are not needed.
Furthermore, the production cost is free!
Nevertheless, it is an amazing high quality!

>>What can I do with cloud computing?

For a maximum effect with a minimum investment

An unbelievable efficiency

Free layout
with more simple method

Revolutionary signage
at surprising price!

No dedicated server. Now specail application. No machine setting!
Production cost is free! Still, it is an amazing high quality! >>Learn more
At anywhere, you can operate this signage system without regard for time.
The digital signage evolves by cloud computing >>Learn more


The detailed schedule is possible. You can present the contents properly. >>Learn more
Advanced electronic advertisement.
New style digital signage.
Simple and smart!
>>Learn more

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