The total produce to production, setting and management for the public Internet terminal and the rental PC
The total support of a POS terminal system construction for shops

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<Player PC>
  Windows Android iPad Linux Remark
Supported OS XP,Vista,7*1 2.2later*2 iOS5,6,7 Ubuntu  
Private server Unnecessary  
Private line Unnecessary  
Private STB Unnecessary  
Online operation Internet connection
Off-line operation *3  
Hybrid stand alone function  
Usable material data Images  
bmp,jpg,gif,png bmp,jpg,gif,png jpg,gif,png bmp,jpg,gif,png
Web *4  
Video *5
wmv,mpg,avi,mp4 mp4 mp4 wmv,mpg,avi,mp4
Sound ※6
wma,mp3,wav mp3 mp3 wma,mp3,wav
Flash × ×  
swf swf - -
Animation GIF  
PowerPoint support *7
4K materials × × × 4K ultra HD resolution 3840×2160
Ultra wide monitor
(Cinema scope size screen)
- △:Dependent on device*8
3D TV × - ×  
Turn on automatically × × △:Dependent on device*9
Turn off automatically × △:It is possible in sleep
Remore turn on × △:Dependent on device*10
It is necessary for an optional device
Remote turn off × △:Dependent on device
It is necessary for an optional device
Resolution Free  
Automatic compensation of aspect ratio Unnecessary *11
Ploxy - × According to your environment
<Control center>
Material bank (free)  
Material bank (pay)  
Image Aspect ratio Automatic correction  
Special effect Fade-in, Fade-out, Scroll from right to left or up and down  
Effect interval  
Screen mute  
Text Text direction Horizontal writing, vertical writing  
Display speed  
Font setting *12
Font size 1~200  
Font color 16,777,215色(000000~FFFFFF) *13
Background color 16,777,215色(000000~FFFFFF) *13
Automatic material changing function  
Template registering *14
Automatic compression of image size  
Copy the material  
Share the material  
Screen separation Free layout  
Compensation of the content size  
Copy function of the content  
Grouping the content  
Hierarchical management  
Real simulation
of deliver function
Schedule The numbers, times and periods are unlimited.  
Copy the schedule  
Interrrupt the schedule  
Automatic repeat of schedule function
All delivery at once  
Grouping the delivery  
The monitoring function of delivery  
The monitoring function of connection  
Hybrid stand alone function  
Remote reboot of
player PC
Security SSL
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*1 The embedded version is not ensured.
*2 There may not be able to hide the system bar on a part of Android3.x and 4.x.
*3 The signage is displayed with the latest schedule delivered.
*4 It may not display correctly depending on web sites.
*5 There may not be compliant depending on devices and OS.
In case of h.264 file and MP4 file, the height of movie shall be less than 1080 pixel.
*6 There may not be compliant depending on devices and OS.
*7 You can use the video convert function of PowerPoint2010. In case of the other version, you shall use the video convert software.
*8 It is depended on the graphic board of Player PC.
*9 It is depended on the presence or absence of BIOS of Player PC.
*10 It is the function that corrects the monitor size automatically without changeing the aspect ratio.
*11 There is a limit on the number of areas depending on the product version.
*12 It is necessary that font is installed on the player PC.
*13 Setting in hexadecimal
*14 Template to place the area can be registered.

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